Ever needed to stop for a second? Anyone ever flagged you down to see your neat MOKAI™? Ever encounter water too shallow and end up stalling your motor from sucking muck in your pump? Being able to go to idle and have neutral is just plain nice no matter what you ride or drive. You can start your boat before you get in, you won't have to worry about what direction you are facing when you start, maneuvering and docking are a breeze and for that quick pause you won't have to deal with TRYING  to start that HOT motor! Historically, building these by hand has kept me on my toes in keeping up with demand. In the interest of meeting demand, and making my system absolutely perfect, I have turned to Max-Torque and Pfeifer Industries for their manufacturing capabilities, to produce the newest generation of the Painless Clutch. A Billet Masterpiece of Motion Control!

I am happy to present an entire year’s worth of research and hard work, built into one clutch, that will allow you to “
Stop your Mokai, Not your Motor!”





(Early Dowel pin models will require the pump shaft be converted to spline, which I can perform, contact for details)









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